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      About Us

      Bestone (Qingdao) Intelligent Equipment Co, Ltd .was founded in 2004. It is mainly engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of factory automation production line. The company takes "grasping the needs of the times, providing customers with high-quality automation production solutions and creating greater value" as its own responsibility, and is committed to boosting the level of domestic intelligent manufacturing. With years of rich project experience and advanced equipment manufacturing concept in the field of auto parts manufacturing, the company can provide personalized system solutions integrating automation, informatization and intelligence for customers in different industries, and realize intelligent manufacturing for customers.

        At present, the company has more than 30 technical R & D teams, including 12 experts, senior mechanical engineers and scheme engineers with bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctor's degree, 10 automatic control and MES industrial control software engineers, 5 project management teams and more than 20 installation technicians. It has its own numerical control processing workshop, assembly and debugging workshop, It provides a favorable guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project. The company has passed the "ISO9001" quality system certification, and has more than 40 invention patents, application technology patents and software copyrights with independent intellectual property rights. It has been rated as an "international high-tech enterprise" by the state.

        Now the company's main business direction: auto engine, gearbox, axle, wheel hub, pump valve and other auto parts automatic assembly line; CNC processing automation production line; Integrated application of industrial robot system; Intelligent warehouse logistics system; High end manufacturing equipment experience (industrial production mode upgrade planning); Informatization, MES, intelligent factory planning.

        The automatic production equipment developed and manufactured by the company is widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, medical, agricultural machinery, electronics, household appliances, solar energy, woodworking and other industries, and has established good cooperative relationship with SGMW, BMW, GM, Volvo, abb, Weichai and other international well-known enterprises and companies, which has won the praise and recognition of customers.

        The company adheres to the corporate mission of "committed to the research and innovation of industrial automation system, technology leading industrial upgrading, improving the level of industrial manufacturing, and building an intelligent chemical plant with harmonious man-machine", and the corporate vision of "becoming a respected automation equipment manufacturing expert and a well-known brand in the field of intelligent manufacturing", and adheres to the principle of "creating high-quality products, delivering value, and achieving achievements", The business philosophy of "beyond expectations" is forging ahead in the field of high-end equipment.

        Intelligent manufacturing equipment category:

        Transportation and intelligent storage logistics: friction rail transportation, double speed chain transportation, roller roller transportation, manipulator, suspension chain, ground pushing, automatic three-dimensional storage, AGV, PGV, etc

        Process assembly: manipulator transplanting, assembly; Turnover machine; Automatic gluing, digital measurement and pad selection, digital distribution, automatic material management and feeding, automatic sorting and automatic stacking

      Robot: robot loading and unloading; Robot assembly; Robot tightening; Robot gluing; Robot palletizing; Visual orientation guidance; Robot welding and grinding

      Connection: automatic tightening, press fitting, automatic riveting and welding

      Process quality detection: force, torque, displacement, electrical parameters, temperature, flow, leakage and other process parameters detection and control; Visual quality discrimination; Fatigue test

      MES, data acquisition and traceability system: MES; Andon system; Bar code and two-dimensional code identification; RFID read write storage; Industrial control software, etc

      Address: No.118 Kehai Road, high tech Zone, Qingdao

      Tel: 0532-87665591 0532-87665597

      Email: sales@bestone-ptc.com

      website: www.grumpyyounglady.com

      Service hotline: 400-6628-768

      About Us



      公 司: Bestone (Qingdao) Intelligent Equipment Co, Ltd


      電話:400 6628 768

      手機:400 6628 768


      地 址:Address: No.118 Kehai Road, high tech Zone, Qingdao