The Year of the Whooping Cough

That is probably how I will recall 2011, in part. I do NOT get sick, yet there I was stuck with the ‘100 Day Cough’. It sucked. It was hard to raise my voice whilst teaching (which we all know I rarely do, because my students are such angels) and if I laughed too much I would spew. All for three months. When first infected I had to have four days off. Unheard of in Grumpy Land. I spent a month sleeping sitting upright and didn’t exercise for about the same. Even now, a rib which while not broken, was severely stressed will give a twinge, to let me know what had passed between us. Anyway. Grumpy’s year in dot points:

  • Holiday to Singapore in April. Fantastic. Expensive, clean, safe, hot. Highlight? Husband warning me how I might find driving a segway, before we set off on a tour of Sentosa Island, and then me crying with ill concealed mirth when he went arse over tit. There may have been snorting involved.
  • Weekend to Sydney where we climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • Girly trip to Melbourne with one of my besties, Jax. We shopped, gorged at TGI Friday’s, saw ‘Love Never Dies’ and had an all around awesome time.
  • Wedding of the lovely Snazz, another beautifulĀ  bestie, wherein which I was the chief Snazzmaid.
  • Car got broken into while we (Kettlebell Crew) were training outside. $4000 worth of stuff stolen. Some drugged up fuckwit is now in possession of a Gucci wallet, Tiffany and Co keyring, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, iPhone 4, Lacoste tote bag and my playlunch. But then only thing I really wanted back was my school diary. Yeah, I know. Label whore. They were gifts.
  • Year 9 English, Society and Environment and Tutorial class from hell. EVERY DAY was a battle.
  • No job at the school I have been at for 6 years. Not enough enrollments. BUT my delightful year 10 class nearly made me cry when they wrote a letter to the principal outlining why the school should try and keep me. Possibly the loveliest moment in my ten year career. Not that the principal acknowledged it any way.
  • Bestie of 22 years is finally pregnant!
  • Got selected to write reviews for a Young Adults books website. FREE BOOKS!

For 2012, I hope…

  • To turn into a runner. Two 3km runs this week. Baby steps.
  • To be as buff as my husband. That man is a MACHINE.
  • To have a job.
  • To write more. (Perhaps no job = write more?)
  • To figure out if having children is what I want, even though I don’t even know if we can. 28 months and counting.
  • Not die of girly squeeness when I get to meetĀ  NKOTB when they come to Perth in May.
  • To blog again in a way that would make Rass proud, rather than this bullshit which I know would make her want to vom.

Tell me something you wanna do this year.

2 Responses to “The Year of the Whooping Cough”

  • I want to read more blog posts from GYL; I’m up-to-date from June ‘08 to now. ‘Twas all very enjoyable! More?

    Seriously though I can’t understand what with your food wanker habits and other enlightened ways, why you listen to Nova?? Lol. Would have picked you as a Triple j listener.

    P.P.S. I would give more commentary but I don’t want to freak you out by being overzealous. Though I am super keen to hear about the maybe not having children thing, how hubby is coping with the chronic pain, food wankerism, and more book reviews. Also a justification of the Nova thing.

    :P Dani

    • A Triple J Wanker? For shame. Lol. Well, what can I say…..still no kids (having tests as I type), husband no longer in pain and is super buff (reow!) even though I try to be a food saint, well……let’s just say it is a process and I think I might just post a book review I wrote a while ago. Thanks for your comment :) I obviously haven’t checked this in a while. And don’t worry – I appreciate your ‘zealousness’

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