Get with the times Adele!

It would seem that Brit singer Adele is not adept at that thing we call Facebook stalking. If she was, she would not have written the heart-rending but ultimately moot-for-a-modern-gal ’Someone Like You’.

I do not get how a person born in 1988 could write such a song and willingly suspend their disbelief.

Hello! Facebook was invented so that we could all check up on our exes (friends and otherwise) and see how they were not aging well, nor done better since each party had supposedly moved onto bigger and better things.  And even if the ex in the song had locked up all his privacy settings, there is bound to a mutual friend who could have dished the dirt on his new relationship. Yet in this song he managed to get MARRIED without her knowing about it. Where was he living? Antartica? How did she get the news under her rock?

Love the song. Hate the lyrics. Almost as teeth grindingly annoying as that punk rocker Sandi Thom with flowers in her hair.

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  • Ahaha this is from the sci-fi fan, for which a lot of stuff I nearly have to lobotomise myself to accept! Funny tho :) I absolutely love the song it’s good stuff. Sandi Thom on the other hand…

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