On a Cheery Note, I’m off to Karratha!

There is nothing like an impending flight to make you assess your life up until said trip in a flimsy metal contraption that is very, very high up in the sky. 

It is not that I am scared of flying. It is more  a fear of death/not being around. I am so freaking nosey – all the things I will miss out on if I am not here! Of course I would want my husband to move on. But not too soon. And she will not allowed to be hotter or smarter than me.

But as I mentioned above it causes me to look back on my 32 years. I have and have had a really nice life. My family is generally whole, my childhood was sunlight and dust mote filled, my love life wasn’t rent with any particular betrayals or scandals, I went to university, I traveled Europe after my beautiful wedding, my friends give me joy and fulfilment. I have written a book, that if anyone so desired, only (hopefully) needs a bit of tweaking before possible publication, if not for the fact it is any good, but for nostalgia’s sake.

If it was my turn to go, the only thing I would be sad about would be not having insects with my Beloved husband.

I don’t think that being in a plane crash would be an ideal way to meet my maker, but shit it’d be a story told in the family for generations. I have also heard that if compensation is sought by the relatives, they often get quite a lot because of the psychological trauma the deceased would have suffered knowing they were going down. That might just be in America though. 

Anyway. If I am meant to go ‘young’ , if it is not in a blaze of glory, this way it will at least be in a blaze of some sort.

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  • Ooh this looks different!
    Now listen you will be fine. But don’t worry if it does we promise to:
    1. Ensure Beloved is packed off to some contemplative place to grieve for an adequate amount of period, after which time we will hook him up with a who chick is less attractive and of footballer-girlfriend intelligence;
    2. We will ensure your book is published and will cash in on your tragic demise to flog it off and make millions; and
    3. We will take it in turns being grumpy and carry on your blog as your legacy.
    Have a great time and say hi to C and F :-)
    PS dont forget to go and claim your rightful extra star

  • Ah GYL, you can be a bit left-field at times. It is strange though. I fly often enough & claim I have no fear of it (in front of my darling wife & family at least) but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the thought would cross my mind for at least a minute or two where I’d think, what if this plane just shut down & fell out of the sky? This is probably not making you feel better is it? :-p

  • Practise flapping your arms at speed and that will keep you airborne within the plane if it decides to go down, just like in a lift. Pass on our regards to C & F wish them well.

  • I would also prefer to go out in a general blaze.

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