The Pits

Do you know how hard it is to write on a whiteboard when you don’t want to lift your arms above chest height? As a teacher it is an integral part of my day.

It has been 7 years since I have been free of a problem that has plagued me my whole ‘adult’ (hormone-wise) life. It is not a huge deal in the whole scheme of horrible-things-that-happen, but it impinged on every aspect of my life, making me feel self-conscious, all day, every day.

I am a sweater.  I don’t mean that I am a jumper, pull-over or jersey. And like an alcoholic, just because I am not doing it, it doesn’t mean I am not one.

Back in the day I could sweat through a t-shirt, woollen jumper AND a denim jacket. I wasn’t hot (obviously considering the layers of clothes) and I wasn’t particularly nervous. But either way I had got myself into some sort of psychosomatic loop that would cause copious moisture in the armpit region. To put it bluntly, it was retarded. If I was home alone, I could wear a skin tight shirt and not sweat a drop but once I was out of that house it was on.

It affected the clothes I bought, they way I moved, and of course the way I smelled.

I went to the doctor. Botox was suggested. But on a starting teacher’s wage it wasn’t doable. Although now, with the possibilities of what I could do with the left-overs, it would be great! They also told me I could get the nerve clipped. Also not appealing.

And then Driclor became my friend. It is a special $20 ‘deoderant’ that you apply last thing at night when you are least active (NOT, I repeat, not after a hot shower) for three nights in a row. Until you wash it off the next morning, it will be burny and itchy and make your legs twitch uncontrollably at times but you will not sweat a drop for at least 2 weeks. However for me, the resulting blocked ducts were incredibly painful and made shaving difficult. The freedom of dry underarms was short lived as I couldn’t handle the pain.

Luckily I am nothing but tenacious and tried it again a couple of months later, and this time Driclor and I have been getting along famously for the last 6 or so years. I can apply it for one night in every 4-6 weeks, no sweat, and minimal duct blockage. I would say the only issue is that if I do feel the need for the psychosomatic sweat, it appears on my upper lip or lower back. Not often though.

People ask me if I am worried about any possible side effects, such as cancer and I say no. The freedom that this product has afforded me, in terms of giving me my confidence back  has been invaluable. It may sound melodramatic but sweating ruled my life.

Now I can write at the top of the whiteboard, point at things, leisurely rock back in a chair with my arms behind my head in a repose of comfort and ease, I can wear tops that gently hug my pits and if I am feeling really non-OCD I can wear the same shirt – TWICE, in a ROW!

The only sweating I do now is the hard earned kind.

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